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Visa® Debit Card*

The Visa® Debit Card pays for all types of purchases quickly and easily.

  • Fees will apply at ATMs not owned by Fowler State Bank.
  • Applications are subject to approval.
  • Enroll in Visa® Purchase Alerts, which helps cardholders quickly identify suspicious purchases on their accounts
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is available by calling 1-800-567-3451 to help cardholders activate a card, select a new PIN, change a forgotten PIN, or change a known PIN.
*To report a lost or stolen Visa® Debit Card, please call 800-554-8969.

Safe Deposit Boxes*

Safe deposit boxes are only available at 300 E. 5th Street in Fowler, Indiana. Available sizes and annual rent:

  • 3"x5" = $20.00
  • 5"x5" = $25.00
  • 3"x10" = $35.00
  • 4"x10" = $40.00
  • 5"x10" = $60.00
  • 10"x10" = $125.00

*Safe Deposit Box contents are not insured by FDIC.

Telephone Banking

Call 866-885-1200 for 24-hour access. Telephone Banking allows the following:

  • Inquiry on checking transactions
  • Inquiry on savings transactions
  • Inquiry on loan payments
  • Limited inquiries on Certificates of Deposit
  • Transfer of funds between accounts

Night Depository Service

Night Depository is available at all Fowler State Bank locations, and includes:

  • Lockable Night Deposit bags available to rent with signed agreement
  • Bank Night Depository Key available for locked bag usage